Residential Site Classification

AS 2870

The classification of a building site is one of the most important steps for owners and builders looking to construct their new home. The classification of a site is dependent on a multitude of factors, therefore it is crucial to have this undertaken by a suitably qualified person. Our qualified Geotechnical Engineers at Aitken Rowe Testing Laboratories Pty Ltd have been providing detailed Site Classification reports in accordance with AS 2870 in NSW, ACT and VIC for over 25 years.

ARTL are also leading providers of “Effluent Disposal Assessments” (also referred to as a Land Capability Assessment), which are required when a dwelling does not have access to sewer mains. The application of effluent to land requires careful consideration and expertise, with most new homes under closer scrutiny than in days past. ARTL consults with a number of local councils to ensure compliance during the design phase. Using our state of the art testing and water modelling, our Geotechnical Engineers provide a site specific report with detailed recommendations to ensure a cost-efficient and long-lasting system whilst minimising the environmental footprint.

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  • Residential Site Classification
  • Level 1 Fill Certification
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