Level 1 Fill Certification

AS 3798

Aitken Rowe Testing Laboratories Pty Ltd is the leading provider of testing and certification of fill placement in Southern NSW. Using state of the art nuclear density gauges, ARTL work hand-in-hand with developers and contractors to ensure the best possible outcome for the site. The core components of Level 1 Fill Certification are listed below:

  • Inspect the existing site and test the natural subgrade for suitability
  • Supervise the quality and placement of fill, testing each layer to ensure compliance with AS 3798 and any site specification requirements
  • Proof roll the final fill layer before construction commences
  • Field and laboratory test results are reviewed by our qualified Geotechnical Engineers who then issue a “Fill Certification Report”
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Residential Site Classification
  • Level 1 Fill Certification
  • Construction Materials Testing


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