Geotechnical Engineering

AS 1726

In addition to our NATA Accredited Laboratories, ARTL also employs a number of in-house qualified Geotechnical Engineers. Our Engineers provide high quality Geotechnical Investigation reports for a number of projects and fields, including the following:

  • Foundation Analysis and Design (Residential/Commercial/Industrial)
  • Deep Foundations (Bridges/Multi-Storey Buildings)
  • Water Retaining Structures (Dam Embankments/Irrigation Channels)
  • Solar Farms and Renewable Energy Projects (BESS)
  • Pavement Investigation and Design (Circly Software)

Our Geotechnical Engineers also offer specialised testing and advice including the following:

  • Crane Pad Assessments
  • Rock Slope Support/Anchorage
  • Soil and Site Improvement
  • Earthworks/Reclamation
  • Excavation and Slope Stability
  • Pavement Overlay Design by Deflection Survey
  • Retaining Wall Foundation Design
  • Computer Analysis (Foundation bearing Capacities, Foundation Settlement, Seepage and Slope Stability) 
  • On site Bearing Capacity Assessment during construction ie. Pier and Strip Footing Inspections
  • On site advice for civil works
  • In-situ Earth Resistivity measurement and reporting for power structures and network towers
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Residential Site Classification
  • Level 1 Fill Certification
  • Construction Materials Testing


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